Torpore • Turbobobcat • Soundmachine live@ Ramblas (CT)

Ramblas - via manzoni 86, 95100 Catania (CT)

09/12/2017   22:00 - 04:30

Evento gratuito

TORPORE + TURBOBOBCAT + SOUNDMACHINE live @ Ramblas Risto-Disco-Pub CT - Via Manzoni 86, 95100 Catania Sabato 9 Dicembre Start: 22.00 ||| FREE ENTRY ||| ------------------------------------------------------- Torpore (Sludge Metal/Stoner Doom) Torpore is a sludge metal band characterized by stoner doom influences, that remind also of some crust punk tones. The project was born in Catania, Sicily, in 2014 from an idea of the drummer Valerio Cimino. Afterwards, the lineup was completed when Riccardo Longhitano (voice), Federica Sapuppo and Nicolò Politi (guitars), and Dario Longhitano (bass guitar) joined the band. The members are influenced by bands like Eyehategod, Fistula, Electric Wizard and e Buzzov•en. From the beginning, Torpore started to compose their own music, vented in stages all around Sicily, sharing gigs with different genre bands like ANF(powerviolence), Sergeant Hamster(stoner rock) and Temple of dust (Heavy blues, Milan). In 2015 they publish their first single names “Sulla tua lapide”, that will be ripropose again in the demo “Mondo Sterile”, published in 2016. Riccardo Longhitano - Vocals Nicolò Politi - Guitar Federica Sapuppo - Guitar Dario Longhitano - Bass Guitar Valerio Cimino - Drums Bandcamp: YT: ------------------------------------------------------- TURBOBOBCAT (Stoner Metal) - FIrst show & "Pentastar Rocket Ride" Release Party! - TURBOBOBCAT is a heavy stoner rock band from Catania, Italy, born in summer 2016 when drummer Pietro ‘Pyt’ Leanza came back from a lengthy London adventure, joining singer and rhythm guitarist Federico ‘SaturnFaun’ Indelicato, lead guitarist Davide ‘Mr White’ Guardo, and bass player Martino ‘Mr Firebird’ Razza to make some noise. Many were the obstacles keeping them away from the scenes, but now TURBOBOBCAT are back on the road, pedal to the metal. Get ready to be plowed! TURBOBOBCAT music is a mixture of heavy metal and stoner rock, imbued with fuzzy & crunchy sounds – plus something more to spice things up. Think along the lines of Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet and Motörhead to name some, but with a very personal and distinctive style. Vintage comic books, questionable humour and low-budget sci-fi play a big role in their songs and lyrics too. On August 12, 2017 TURBOBOBCAT have released their debut EP, ‘Pentastar Rocket Ride’ Federico 'SaturnFaun' Indelicato - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Davide 'Mr. White' Guardo - Lead Guitar Martino 'Mr. Firebird' Razza - Bass Guitar Pietro 'Pyt' Leanza - Drums Bandcamp: YT: Instagram: ------------------------------------------------------- Soundmachine (Post-Grunge) - Ita only SoundMachine nasce nel 2003 a Catania. I riferimenti stilistici di rilievo appartengono principalmente al Seattle Sound, ma gli ingredienti del contesto sono innumerevoli ed appartengono al background degli elementi della band. Il risultato e` una ibrida convivenza, di una sezione ritmica solida, uno sguardo rivolto a Seattle e una consapevolezza blues spinta ai confini. Graziano B. - Guitar Alberto S. - Vocals, Bass guitar Rhox F. - Drums Myspace: ------------------------------------------------------- live @ Ramblas risto-disco-pub CT - Via Manzoni 86, 95100 Catania Google Maps: Heavy riffs loaded night, high dBs guaranteed Sabato 9 Dicembre Start: 22.00 ||| FREE ENTRY ||| #ERASMUSWELCOME #torporeband #turbobobcat #soundmachine #ramblasCT #sludge #stoner #postgrunge #pedaltothemetal #heavyriffsloaded #catania Sludge metal Stoner rock Musica heavy metal